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Brevetti Corium is a Division of Brevetti CEA Spa

Inspection & Automation to boost production quality process

Fully automatic solution for the inspection and marking of finished hides

BREVETTI G52: a revolutionary machine designed to automate the hides “Selection” phase, essential to guarantee the required quality standards and to ensure that the expected quality level is maintained during the subsequent supplies of the production batches.

An inspection system based on Artificial Intelligence, using the exclusive proprietary AI platform “Brevetti AI”. The machine automatically inspects both the grain side and flesh side of each hide, granting an amazing takt time up to 14 seconds per entire hide.

A technological innovation based on the know-how and experience acquired in more than 65 years of successful business in the inspection industry.
A disruptive solution to leverage automation in the tanning manufacturing process.


The heart of Brevetti CEA is fully expressed in the working framework “BREVETTI-INTELLIGENT-VISION“: an optimized integrated vision platform of consolidated and new technologies that enhances performance to a complete new level.

  • Process automatization

  • Objectification of the inspection and selection criterions

  • Simultaneous inspection of grain side and flesh side with multiple light settings

  • Creation of a virtual copy of the inspected leather with the digital map of all defects classified by tipe and severity

  • Hides selection according to final customer requirements

  • Real time data processing

  • Database on Brevetti AI platform including historical data of inspected hides and defects archive

  • Savings on subsequent manual marking process for cutting phase

Reduce production cycle times

Takt time up to 14 seconds per hide including loading, inspection, unloading and real time data processing

Loading, inspection, unloading and real time data processing

Maximize performance

Image resolution up to 40um/pixel to detect very small and challenging defects such as insect bites or contamination.
Detect very small and challenging defects

Don’t miss a defect!

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Brevetti G52 provides absolute consistency in quality control detecting over 20 defects such as:

Additional Available Applications at a Glance

Integrability with any type of automatic loading / unloading equipment
Automatic marking for possibe integration with cutting machine (no manual marking nor reference stickers needed)
Multistacker module to stack hides according to the selected category
Automatic loading module from transport trolleys or deck
Upstream Print&Check module to allow Track&Trace along the whole process
Integrated VDA verification with specific module

Supercharge Visual Inspection with AI

Brevetti G52 is fully based on Artificial Intelligence Technology thanks to the proprietary AI platform “Brevetti AI”. Brevetti AI makes use of the latest advancements in deep learning to better classify, segment and detect anomalies in images; it leverages the power of deep learning to guarantee outstanding inspection performances .
A ready-to-use powerful platform to support deep learning workloads such as a data management, model training and validation. A system in continuous improvement: the more you refine models and add defects, the better the machine performs.

A new inspection era has started

Brevetti Corium is a Division of Brevetti CEA Spa:

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